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Alrighty, it's been a while since I've made a journal so I thought I'd talk about the one thing I've been super happy/excited/hyped for this week and that's E3. E3 is now over and of course, I always watch it each year so, it's not a surprise that I'd like to talk about it. To my friends who enjoy E3/Games, my opinions may be different than yours...just thought I'd say that now.


Let me say this now, I had quite the low bar set for them after last year and this year they delivered. They may have only showed very little games I actually liked or cared about but they still showed games and that's what matters.I don't care for Call of Duty, so that was a miss for me along with Forza but Evolve looked quite strange. Dragon Age: Inquisition looked quite interesting even though I've never played a Dragon Age game, I may even try it. Sunset Overdrive looks fun but I don't understand what exactly you do in the game besides killing random monsters and grinding on rails, that's fine and I would like to get interested in it if someone could try to help me wrap my head around this title, still looks nice for the Xbox though. The Dead Rising 3 Arcade...long title thing ^^;, sorry it was a super long title, it was hilarious at least even if I don't plan to play it. Fable Legends looked ok, but I haven't played a Fable game, I've only watched them being played by my brother so not all hyped. Project Spark wasn't all that interesting to me, the only time I gasped then smiled was when Conker appeared but he was only going to be apart of the game, not a new game so thus I was sad at myself for getting excited. The Halo announcement I simply shrugged at because that series isn't my cup of tea, played one and that's it. There was another game called Inside, it looked like an indie game but very interesting though. Rise of the Tomb Raider seems cool, the look of it seems kind of bleh and that's fine but I'm excited for it..even though I think the name is kinda lame. Phantom Dust was also mentioned and I've only heard of it through one of my podcasts that I've listened to so I wasn't sure what to think of it. Now, when Platinum was mentioned, I already got excited because they make good games, so when seeing looked Monster Hunter + Devil May Cry + How To Train Your Dragon, it looks weird but fun and I would play it for sure...just wish they showed gameplay instead of just CGI cutscenes. Oh, there was also a small appearance of Mighty No. 9, it was good to see a little shoutout for this and I still plan to get it. I was sad that The Evil Within was not mentioned but simply just added a trailer later on, but that was ok. Now, Microsoft did well this year by showing only video games instead of just TV/Movies, it has not convinced me to get an Xbox One but they still did well.


So, they began with Star Wars Battlefront with no gameplay so, yeahh....anyways, after that they showed off Dragon Age: Inquisition with actual gameplay which was good. I always approve of gameplay rather than just a CGI cutscene. Once they showed off Mass Effect, I simply blinked because I've never played any of the games and it was just showing off art but not new anything about the game they're working on. Now, when the new Sims was talked about....I will say this upfront: I don't play the Sims, I play Animal Crossing but not Sims. So, if you like the Sims, you'll probably like it. Not saying Sims is bad, I just can't get into it for some reason. When seeing a golf game with battleships, I just raised a brow, but hey, they may rope in some people. The only time I was excited for this conference was when Mirror's Edge 2 was talked about, yes, they showed art but they showed a little bit of gameplay and I think they are fixing the combat which is nice, looking forward to it. Alrighty, EA was...meh, just a lot of sports, battlefield, art but little to no gameplay, so they really could've done a lot better this year.


Next up was Ubisoft and first thing that was put up was Far Cry 4, congrats  to those who enjoy the series, I hope you all have fun with it. Now let me just say I usually don't have very many problems with the announcers/hosts or whatever but Aisha Tyler....she tried a little too hard with her jokes for my tastes but when she wasn't, it was ok but still...*sighs*...Ubisoft, please get someone else to do this next year, please. Anyways, didn't care about The Crew, Just Dance but the Assasin's Creed Unity gameplay demonstration didn't sit well with me, especially when the player began to go after a thief but just let him go which was weird. Shape up made me think of an edgy version of DDR, so, no thanks really unless you have good music. Valiant Hearts looks very sad but it looked interesting, I was even more interested when they mentioned it was made by the team who made Rayman Legends and Child of Light, both good games, I will be trying it. Congrats for the Rainbow Six lovers and that was the last thing they showed. That was pretty a pretty sad conference but I expected as much, they pretty much go a tie with EA.


Well, already on a bad note, they were late to start, so, that was fun. But first up was Destiny, I already give less of an interest the more I see it. I was excited for Little Big Planet 3, though I thought what they showed was too long, they shouldn't have shown an entire level but I still want to play this game because I enjoy Little Big Planet. Far Cry 4 was shown again but was shown better than how Ubisoft had showed it, still don't plan to get it even though. Now, I don't really care for Dead Island but the Dead Island 2 trailer that was shown, it was actually pretty funny and creative. The Magika 2 trailer was also pretty funny too, I'll give it that even though I've never played Magika. They showed a lot of Indie games, so there was that but when they mentioned Suda51 a moment later, I immediately paid attention because his games are weird but usually fun. His new game is called Let It Die, have no idea how to describe it but it looks really cool and I'd like to try it. After that was when things went downhill when Sony began not talking about games but TV, PS Now, Free to Play (but not free to play), Playstation TV, Youtube, VR, Project Morpheus...I was so bored during this and it lasted for 30 minutes, I pulled out my 3DS to keep myself awake. After that, they showed quite the violent Mortal Kombat X trailer, not a mortal kombat person myself but I'm sure the fans ate it up. But then they showed Powers...which is another TV/Movie promo and then Rachet & Clank movie, this was getting sigh worthy. Not only was that sigh worthy, but when they showed The Last of Us Remastered trailer, they should've changed that trailer because it was filled with spoilers, that's  a no-no and I love the Last of Us. I'm sure some will say "But, if they've never played the game, they don't know it's a spoiler." and they'd be right if the beginning of the trailer didn't say "This trailer contains spoilers" as if to say "Oh man, if you haven't played and beaten this game, well...too bad...NOW WATCH!". Oh well, anyways, they showed off the new Metal Gear Solid, Batman and Uncharted which I was not all that hyped for since I don't play either of those series. That was basically it  besides GTAV for ps4 and I thought Sony was not all that great especially with the talk of TV and everything else besides games except in little douses. So, they felt weak to me, not worse that EA and Ubisoft but still not great. Just my opinion though.


They were a little short than what I was expecting but that wasn't a bad thing really. Alright, so when starting up the Digital Event I was surprised by the Robot Chicken skits...that was really weird but they were hilarious and I certainly gave a nod to this. Then when Iwata and Reggie came out to do a street fight suddenly, it was also very funny but super awesome, Nintendo was going for fun and they brought it. When the Mii Fighters came out, I wondered if those three would take up three spots in the roster: Gunner, Swordfighter and Brawler. After that was when Amiibo was mentioned and Reggie brought out a little Mario standee that made me think of skylanders or Disney Infinity but with a Pokemon essence because you can train them which is neat. These are not just used for Smash like I was thinking, you apparently can use them in Mario Kart as well and I'm sure they'll add them to other games which is actually kind of neat to me but I'd still like to know a price because I'd mostly want Link or Megaman. Speaking of Smash, a little bit of it was shown and the 3DS version was pushed back to October 3rd which is understandable while the Wii U version is still Holiday 2014, I just hope it's not pushed back any further like Twilight Princess was. The Luigi glare showed up which was hilarious to know that Nintendo knows how hot it is online, but then Yoshi's Wooly World was looks very fun and very adorable, it also made me want a yarn yoshi plushie 'cause it was that cute. Next up was Captain Toad, yup, Captain Toad got a new game which is very cool and I look forward to it. But now was the big one, they showed the next new Legend of Zelda for the Wii U, the fact that Eiji Aonuma said that you could climb the mountains to make your own paths...that sounded amazing and it looked absolutely gorgeous. The sudden burst into a combat situation for Link while he was simply sitting on his horse, which I assume is Epona, looking out to the land with a monster that looked like a combo between a Beamos and an Octorok starts shooting lasers at him. He rides away but is wearing a hood for some reason, anyways the bridge he was riding on is smashed and he must face this creature as he pulls off his hood to reveal his face...he is not wearing his classic green tunic but is wearing a blue shirt that looks a little like the outfit from Wind Waker but I can't say that for sure, not to mention the pattern on his sleeves were patterns that were somewhat similar to the Gerudo clothes color palette, anyways Link jumps off his horse and pulls out his bow with an almost futuristic arrow attatched to it, not sure if that's magic or what but it looked awesome, and of course he fired his arrow and then the date showed up wtih only 2015. That was beautiful to watch, however some thought otherwise and are not speculating that the person on the horse is not Link but is Zelda or a Girl. I'd fine with it if it was a girl but it's not, even Eiji Aonuma said "Actually that comment I made jokingly, it's not that I said that it wasn't Link. It's that I never said that it was Link. It's not really the same thing, but I can understand how it could be taken that way." because this rumor was getting out of control so fast. It was a joke, that's Link in the trailer, c'mon my zelda friends, drink some hot cocoa and take a minute to think. Anyways, after that was Pokemon, just remade versions of Ruby and Saphire, so I wasn't all that interested. But of course they had to show off Bayonetta 2 along with a Wii U version of the first one with extra outfits, happy for those fans, I don't play the game myself, so yeah. Once that was over Hyrule Warriors took the stage and to be honest, the more I see this game, the more interested I am in it....I'm not much of a dynasty warriors' player but I like the way this one looks and I'm liking the roster even more. They added Zelda and Midna, they both look great and I jumped for joy when seeing the Majora's Mask moon being pulled down. Seriously though, Hyrule Warriors looks really fun and I would love to play it, it'll be out in Setember. Kirby got a new game but it's based off the canvis curse and I wasn't too crazy abou tthat, so I will probably skip this one. I thought that I saw Metroid at first but it turned out to be the next Xenoblade but that's ok, Xenoblade Chronicles X is the name of it. One that was interesting came up next, it was a new IP called Splatoon and it's a TPS(Third Person Shooter) from what I've seen with little squidgirls and boys who shoot ink to gain territory looks really fun, I think I would play this game. To be honest, I thought it was weird at first but the more I looked at it through the Event, it just looked really fun to play and I would love to play it. So, Super Smash Bros came out with another character and what was surprising was that they showed it off in an anime promo but the new character is Lady Palutena from Kid Icarus like most of us expected from that leaked screenshot although...we did see Dark Pit at the end, but that'll probably just be a skin for Pit. I will try her out, she seems a little floaty but kinda fun. That was it besides the other Smash reveal of Pacman which was pretty cool as well and I'll try him out too. Oh! One more thing, there was also that little tiny bit of Star Fox for the Wii U shown but not much, if you paid attention when Mr. Miyamoto showed up, just take a good look at what he's playing.

Those are all of the conferences but of course Square Enix showed off things, the only one I was interested in was Final Fantasy Type-0. Yes, they did show Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix but as before, I will wait until the price is lower because I don't buy games I already have just for HD and whatnot. I was a little disappointed that Final Fantasy XV wasn't mentioned, not even a date but I had heard a rumor it wasn't going to be there so I wasn't shocked when it didn't happen. ATLUS showed the only game I wanted which was Persona Q, I would've liked to hear a little about Persona 5 but that's fine.

Alrighty, so, E3 was very good this year. Saw a lot of games I was looking forward to, of course saw some I wasn't interested in and some conferences were better than others but all in was still a good time. And yeah, Nintendo's was the best conference to me. Thanks to those who actually took the time to read all of this, you're awesome. I will probably drawing something inspired from this so, keep a look out for that. Bye for now!
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